What Happened to Forever?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

You and I were knitted together using the same wool,

I was created with my heart tied to yours,

An invisible link that only we can feel.

We lived our life with total understanding of each other,

I was always on your team,

and you would never hesitate to back me up,

Even when i was wrong.

When a force came against us which was stronger,

We only had each other, So we clung together like wet toilet paper on the ceiling.

No one would say negative things to me about you,

or to you about me.

You were my defender and I was yours.

After a while you got hurt,

Someone cut through our defenses and I couldn't protect you,

Our string was fraying.

I see you, I know who you are,

I love who you are and I'll defend you till the end,

I want nothing in return.

Were like two peas in one pod,

Your the Lucy to my Ethel,

and I'm the Shirley to your Laverne.

Cant you see what i see?

What happened to forever.


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