Monday, March 8, 2010

I decided that if I was going to write a blog, that it would have to be about something. Like the recent movie ‘Julie & Julia’, Julie blogged about her mission to cook all the recipes in Julia Childs cookbook (Amazing movie by the way). I’ve had several thoughts on the matter, one idea was to blog my way through ‘The great scavenger hunt list’ it has 505 things to do, but you need a team of four people, and some of the things are ridiculous, it would probably take almost two years to complete. So scratch that. Another idea was to blog about my exploits to get a man, the only problem with that, is there wouldn’t be much to blog about, I’m quite useless in that department. Then it suddenly hit me, I could write about problems. Ok, well that might sound a bit strange, but hey, you don’t have to read this. I will blog about my views on problems, big problems, little problems, weird problems, common problems. Doing this endeavour should make it clearer to finding out the type of person I am. Brilliant.


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