Take a Minute.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am exhausted. Utterly and completely drained, the only thing i can compare this feeling to is the few short weeks that i had Glandular Fever. Its not just physical, its also emotional, which is even more taxing. Even after sleep i don't feel refreshed, there is a aching in my bones that makes me feel much older than i really am.

Everyone works so hard these days to make something of themselves, to prove themselves to people, but really there is no need. We all need to just settle down and relax, just get out of the fast lane and take it easy.

Its so much easier to say than actually do, i know that, but isn't it nice just to get a little reminder sometimes?

I find making lists a very effective way of slowing me down, just write down all that you need to do and voila, you can take your mind off it. Now i had better sign off.... my list is waiting.


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