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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I go out of my way sometimes to be different. I know people like to be accepted, and don’t get me wrong I also like the feeling of acceptance, but more than that I enjoy being unique. Acting different comes naturally to me, recently though, I’ve been letting my personality show through my choice of clothing. Today I am wearing a pair of red high wasted nana pants, which I cut off at the knee, with a off-white frilly top. Accessories are a brown belt and random brown and burgundy jewellery.

Fashion is always changing, certain things get revived, like skinny jeans, high wasted shorts, one sleeved dresses (which in my opinion should never be worn). My problem is this, what should be worn and what shouldn’t? We all have different opinions to what looks good and what doesn’t, so when you get up in the morning and chuck on your favourite pair of flared jeans paired up with a tie dyed singlet, you would feel awesome. Then that horrid little feeling of doubt creeps into your mind, you wonder how people are going to react to your clothing choice, so you change into something more socially acceptable. What if you had worn what you loved? You’re bound to get some people not liking what your wearing, but really, should it matter? Your clothes should reflect the type of person you are, and you should never be ashamed of who you are. My advice to you, is that if you’re brave enough to wear what you love, even if it’s not ‘the norm’, then whenever someone says something negative or you start feeling insecure, just look in the mirror and know how good you look. We are all amazing creations, Congratulations.


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