Thursday, March 4, 2010

I swore to myself that i would never write a blog.
Conforming in such a way just isn't me. To be perfectly honest, the idea of a blog has always fascinated me, to be able to write whatever you wanted and for absolute strangers to read it, marvelous idea. Then i thought, what if i started and just wrote what i thought people would like, i wouldn't be being true to myself. It would get harder and harder to write, and i think after a while i would stop.
None the less here i am, blogging away. I couldn't tell you why i started, Boredom, the excitement of something new, a release for my creativity (its in there somewhere). But one thing i can tell you, is that it was not from the desire to conform!
This blogging activity is just an experiment, i am not doing it for anyone but myself. Selfish as it may sound, it is the truth. This will be very entertaining, quite random and probably no good. But lets give it a try ay.

Over and Out.


Jessica said...

I knew you were creative ! ;)

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